SBS6 - 'The Line' second screen app

During The 24 Hours of Advertising we, together with a programmer and strategy guy, participated in a pitch for SBS6 and Microsoft. The brief was to concept and develop a second screen app for the Holland’s Got Talent tv show.

After we did some research we believed the app should offer a realtime experience to increase engagement. Also we wanted it to be based upon just one simple interaction to make it fun and effortless to participate. We combined these insights in a winning concept called ‘The Line’.

The Line is a horizontal line chart that’s being displayed on a large screen behind the artist. People at home can influence The Line in realtime simply by sliding it up and down within the app. The higher The Line, the better the performance and visa versa.


All data combined creates a wave like chart that shows how well the artist was doing at any particular moment during his or her performance. Based on user profiles we can also share other interesting demographics with the audience like for instance: boys vs girls, young vs old, or north vs south.

3.the-line-realtime 4.the-line-demographics